Voting and Election Information

Voting Delegate Credentials Process for Convention

Each year local PTAs and councils have a chance to send representatives to cast their vote at convention. Items that will be voted on this year include amendments to the Georgia PTA Bylaws, and the election of the 2019-2021 Georgia PTA Board of Directors.

All PTA members are eligible to be credentialed to vote in the business portions of the Annual Georgia PTA Convention.  The Georgia PTA Bylaws state:

See chart to below determine how many voting delegates to which your local unit is entitled.

When registering, please keep in mind the number of delegates your local unit PTA has.  If you are unsure, please view the attached document  which lists each local unit and how many delegates are allowed.  Your PTA may and is encouraged to send additional attendees to Convention above the number of voting delegates your unit is entitled. Even though they will not be eligible to vote, the convention is a valuable experience for all PTA members and they will still receive training and workshop experiences.  If your local unit or county council submits registration forms with voting delegates that exceed the total number allowed, we will contact the President of your unit to make the appropriate corrections. If you have any questions, please contact the office by emailing

Upon presentation of your membership card at the registration desk at Convention, each voting delegate shall receive their voting delegate card, which is the card that signifies their voting status during this convention. Delegates have the opportunity to vote on decisions that affect Georgia PTA and local PTAs, including their leadership and organizational structure. It is very important to ensure that every local unit is represented at convention.

Business of the Member Delegation

Per the  Georgia PTA Bylaws, Article 12, these bylaws may be amended by a two-thirds vote at the Georgia PTA convention, provided the amendments have been approved by the Georgia PTA board of directors. Click here for the proposed amendments that will be open to the delegation for debate and vote.

Election of Officers to the 2019-2021 Georgia PTA Board of Directors

The Georgia PTA Committee on Nomination of Officers is proud to announce the following slated nominees for election for the 2019-2021 Georgia PTA Executive Board.

Dawn Stastny- President-Elect
Shanda Ross - 1st Vice President
Sondra Parham - 2nd Vice President
Diane Jacobi - Secretary
Amanda Weber - Treasurer

Candidate information for the officer representatives to the Georgia PTA Board of Directors:

Campaign Regulations

Campaign regulations are found in the Georgia PTA Policy and Procedures Manual section Appendix D.