The Voice of Membership

Georgia PTA’s legislative work is driven by a grassroots model that seeks input and voice from our PTAs and their members.  A series of resolutions and legislative positions, each of which is adopted by our members during the annual meeting, provide a framework that allows the Georgia PTA Board of Directors to establish legislative priorities and act effectively on behalf of our members.

What is a Resolution?

A resolution is an original main motion which, because of its importance, length, or complexity, is submitted in writing. Resolutions call for action by the Georgia PTA or its constituent bodies (areas, councils or local units). Resolutions seek to address problems, situations or concerns which affect children and youth and which require action for solution.

What is a Legislative Position?

A legislative position is a statement outlining the opinion, will or intent of the association to address statewide problems, situations or concerns that affect children and youth.  A position statement usually requires initial action to seek resolution on the issue, but the position is sometimes maintained, even when action has been taken, to substantiate the continuing will of the association.

View Current Georgia PTA Resolutions and Legislative Positions

Once adopted, all resolutions and legislative positions are reviewed every five years by our members to determine if they are reaffirmed or retired.

Proposing New Resolutions or Legislative Positions

Local PTAs, Council PTAs, or the Georgia PTA Board of Directors may submit resolutions or legislative positions. The Georgia PTA Board of Directors considers all submissions, biannually, upon the recommendation of the Legislative Committee.  Submissions must be received at the Georgia PTA State Office no later than November 15th in odd-numbered years.

Criteria for Consideration

  • Further the mission of the PTA
  • Be aligned with national and state PTA policies – noncommercial, nonpartisan, nonsectarian
  • Concern a matter of national or state scope, not merely local interest
  • Request action that is feasible for Georgia PTA to undertake
  • Adopted by the membership of the submitting PTA
  • State a position not previously adopted by the Georgia PTA.

Submission Requirements

  • A cover sheet completed and signed by the submitting PTA. The cover letter must include the signatures of the PTA president and secretary and indicate the date on which the proposal was adopted by the membership of the submitting PTA.
  • The resolution or legislative position language
  • Table of contents for supporting materials
  • A rationale statement (one page or less) summarizing the issue and the need for the requested action
  • Background materials, documenting each “whereas” clause in a resolution or each statement in a legislative position. This material should indicate that the subject was well researched by the submitting PTA and should be sufficient to give a person with no previous knowledge of the subject enough information to make an intelligent decision. The material must be unbiased and well balanced and may include PTA-related information such as statements or policies; copies of document research, pertinent laws, surveys or statistics; and copies of relevant articles from publications. Newspaper articles and editorials alone are not sufficient background material.

Emergency Resolutions or Legislative Positions

PTAs wishing to propose an emergency item must submit the proposal to the Georgia PTA State Office no later June 15th in even-numbered years. To be eligible for emergency consideration, the issue must have arisen after the published November 15th submission deadline. If approved by the Georgia PTA Board of Directors, a two-thirds affirmative vote of the delegate body is necessary to consider the emergency item.