On June 7th - 8th Georgia PTA in conjunction with the Usher's New Look (UNL) Foundation is hosting the second-ever youth summit at the North Atlanta High School concurrent to the 105th Convention Leadership Training .This gathering is an opportunity for young people ages 10-17 from across the state of Georgia to directly experience a comprehensive program that develops passion-driven, global leaders.

Powered By Service is UNL’s gateway program into the Academy and MIT.  During the 4 to 6-hour workshop, students identify their individual “sparks” (i.e., talents, passions), articulate their “personal brand” (i.e., how they wish to be viewed by others. The students explore the root causes of local issues of concern to them (e.g., homelessness, bullying, substance abuse) and make a personal commitment to create and execute PBS projects.  They also understand the foundations of leadership and financial literacy.

In 1999, Usher Raymond IV established an organization to give marginalized and underserved youth a “New Look” on life.  UNL prepares young people for success and leadership through a programmatic model based on four essential pillars: talent, education, career, and service. UNL’s developmentally appropriate curriculum helps young people identify their TALENTS, learn to focus their passions through EDUCATION, gain opportunities to explore a future CAREER, and give back to their communities through SERVICE.

UNL’s curriculum is predicated on the Search Institute’s building blocks, which represent the relationships, opportunities and personal qualities young people need to succeed and thrive.

The program begins promptly at 9:00 AM. We encourage everyone to arrive no later than 8:15 AM so that you have enough time to get through registration and have breakfast. This is a YOUTH ONLY EVENT!