PTA University

PTA University Training Videos

You can watch these videos and more at the Georgia PTA YouTube channel.

Membership Campaign Training

PTA University - PTA During a Pandemic

PTA University Bylaws Training

PTA University Secretary Training 1

PTA University Presidents Training

PTA University Vice Presidents Training

PTA University Treasurer Training

PTA University Secretary Training 2 - The Write Stuff

Reflections Training Videos

9-17-2020 TBT Tips for Reflections

9-10-2020 TBT Tips for Reflections

9-2-2020 TBT Tips for Reflections

8-27-2020 TBT Tips for Reflections

I Matter Because...Video Clip

8-8-2020 Zoom Training Session

8-5-2020 Zoom Training Session

8-2-2020 Zoom Training Session