Q. What are MemberHub and Georgia PTA doing with our data?

A. PTA is a tri-level association, meaning that membership in a local PTA unit also means membership in the state association and the national association (it’s one inclusive membership). Membership associations are required to maintain member lists at all levels. Historically, Georgia PTA has relied on the local units to provide that information as needed, but a more comprehensive and centralized approach is actually required. MemberHub provides that platform.
Georgia PTA’s contract with MemberHub stipulates that MemberHub neither owns any data in the Georgia PTA portions of the database (any local unit, council, district, or state hub) nor is allowed to use the data in the database for its own purposes except in aggregate, redacted form. In other words, they can use it for general data reporting, such as stating how many members are in the state’s database or demonstrating how many local units are set up or using their online stores, but they cannot use any personal information that is in the database to increase their revenue. If they were to use the data outside of the parameters of their contractual obligations and allowances, they would be in breach of their contract.
Georgia PTA is also only using the data in aggregate form. Currently, that data reporting includes total number of active/inactive units, total number of units using MemberHub and WePay, number of members per unit, number of member dues paid to Georgia PTA, number of member dues to be paid to Georgia PTA (in progress or not yet sent), and types of members.
Q. What personal information is required to join MemberHub?

A. You may have noticed that the People form in MemberHub includes space for lots of information, including middle name, home address, birthday, and so forth; however, very little of that is actually required to purchase a membership in any local unit. Only a first name, a last name, an email address or phone number, and a member type must be entered. The member can enter the other information in his or her profile at a later date, but it is not required for initial purchase.
Q. Are we working with MemberHub to modify the platform to meet Georgia PTA’s needs?

A. Yes! That having been said, keep in mind that MemberHub was developed to serve PTA needs across the country; it’s not just for Georgia PTA. Each state association operates independently, and there are some unique needs for each that MemberHub wasn’t initially designed to meet. We are collecting suggestions for improvements, and MemberHub does respond to those suggestions. You may submit your thoughts to us at and cc’, so we can compile a comprehensive list, or you may submit them directly to MemberHub at
Q. What do I absolutely have to do in MemberHub, and how do I do it?

A. At a minimum, per the Leadership Resource Guide, local units are required to:
• Enter Incoming Officers
• Enter Committee Chairs
• Enter Members (if the store is not active)
• Help Members Locate Membership Cards
• Remit Dues
Please see the attached document for detailed steps.
Q. Is WePay required? What are the fees if I use it? What are the alternatives?

A. WePay is not required if you do not plan to sell memberships, spirit wear, or other goods, or if you don’t plan to collect other donations via your MemberHub store.
If you choose to set up WePay, the fees are 3.5% + $0.50 per credit card payment. If you have a $10.00 transaction, for example, the associated fees would be $0.35 + $0.50 = $0.85, making the total transaction $10.85 if the fees are passed on to your members/customers. You may choose to absorb the fees within your local unit, as well.
You may consider using other credit card processing alternatives if you wish, including the merchant processing service associated with Membership Toolkit, PayPal, and Square. Fees for each of these varies. Please check with each provider to determine what fees will be assessed per transaction.