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Georgia PTA Leadership Resource Guide

The most recent edition of the Leadership Resource Guide is available below for your use as a PTA member.

Our purpose is to make it easier for all members to have access to information about Georgia PTA and the guidelines associated with its operation.

The information is broken down in this manner to facilitate any printing or downloading that you may choose to do. You may print and copy any of the pages, an entire section or download and save the entire document to your personal computer or thumb drive.

Leadership Resource Guide Sections

The Leadership Resource Guide is presented in sections and can be used as separate guides.

National PTA 2019-2020 Official Local PTA Leaders Kit 

Additional Resources: 

Recursos en Espanol

Nominating Committee and Elections

Nominating Committee Meeting Templates

  1. First Meeting Agenda (Download Word File)
  2. Second Meeting Agenda (Download Word File)
  3. Third Meeting Agenda (Download Word File)
  4. Sign-In Sheet (Download Word File)

Nominating Committee Form Templates

  1. PTA/PTSA Leadership Nominating Form (Download Word File)
  2. Nominated Candidates Contact Record (Download Word File)
  3. Nominating Committee Report (Download Word File)

How to Conduct...Program Series

E-learning Courses

Click here to learn more about e-learning courses that are available free to PTA members.  You will need your username and password to log on(found on back of your PTA membership card).  Course topics change throughout the year and include topics such as PTA Basics, Grant Writing, Conflict Management, Planning and Goal Setting, Planning Your PTA Year, Parliamentary Procedure and Effective Advocacy.

PTA Logo and Logo Usage

PTA has established guidelines for the proper use of the PTA name, logo, and tagline.  When used properly, PTA's logo and tagline create a consistent message, help unify all PTAs, and sets PTA apart from the competition.  The success of our PTA brand identity system depends on all PTAs' adherence to the established guidelines.

PTA Logos (EPS and TIFs in zip file)

Logos in English and Spanish for PTAs and PTSAs.

Guidelines for Using PTA Logos

Customizing PTA Logos


Keys To Leadership

This Georgia PTA program recognizes PTA members for their commitment to developing leadership skills. By offering this program, Georgia PTA creates an opportunity for you to reach your full potential, regardless of your current position in PTA. Become a more effective volunteer while building both your knowledge and leadership skills.  Enhance your personal résumé while participating in PTA training and volunteer service. Be recognized for the advancement of your own personal learning goals while advocating for children.

Keys to Leadership

Individual Awards and Recognitions

Honorary Georgia PTA Life Achievement Award

Present an Honorary Georgia PTA Life Achievement Award for meritorious and outstanding service on behalf of children and youth. Honorary awards may be presented at local, council, or district meetings and at state conventions. The $25.00 fee includes a certificate suitable for framing and a wallet size identification card. The fee does not include a pin that can be ordered for $25.00 from the state office. These honorary life achievement awards do not carry a privilege to vote and/or hold office.  They provide guest privileges upon payment of the registration fee at the state convention. However, honorary members may become voting members by joining a local unit PTA.

Founders’ Award

The Founders’ Award is the highest Georgia PTA honor that a PTA can bestow upon an individual. Generally, it is awarded to someone who has already received a Georgia PTA Honorary Life Membership. It is an especially significant way to honor a person who has promoted children’s well-being by serving as an advocate for children. The $100.00 fee includes a certificate suitable for framing and a wallet size identification card. The fee does not include a Founder’s Bar that can be ordered for $25.00 from the state office. Like the honorary membership, the Founders’ Award does not carry a privilege to vote and/or hold an office. However, the person so honored may become a voting member by joining a local unit PTA.


Local units, councils, districts, or individuals may honor the memory of a deceased individual who has made significant contribution to PTA work by contributing a minimum of $25.00 as a memorial.

Honorary Life Achievement Award (National PTA)

The Honorary Life Achievement Award is the highest honor that a PTA can bestow upon an individual. It is the most significant way to honor worthy people in your school, community, and state. The honored person is someone who has given outstanding service to children by being an advocate for children. The honoree need not be a member of a PTA nor be well known beyond his or her own area of service.  The $125.00 fee includes a certificate and a lapel pin or tie tack

Principals and PTAs

Principal's Guide - Principals and PTAs: Partners Working Together to Increase Student Achievement

Building Successful Partnerships: Increasing Parent/Family Involvement Through Local School Councils - designed to help PTAs understand the role of local school councils and how PTAs can interact with the councils (Download PDF File)