Forms (alphabetized)

Many of the materials in this Web site are available in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. The Acrobat reader is a free download from Adobe Software. *The forms marked with an asterisk must be included with the Outstanding Local Unit Report in order for a local unit to be eligible for the Outstanding Local Unit Award.

Form Name


Advocacy Checklist for Outstanding Local Units * Second Friday in March

Association Insurance Management Application Annually

Ballot Template Anytime

Best Ideas Form Anytime/Second Friday in March

Birney Butler Outstanding Educator Nomination Form Annually/Second  Friday in   March

Bylaws Amendment Guide and Form Anytime

Check Request Form Every  time money is spent

Committee Plan of Work When  the executive committee states

Community Partnership Award Form Last  business day in October

Convention Leadership Training Grant Application Second Friday in March

Donations Transmittal Form Anytime

Dues Remittance Form Every month when dues are collected

Local Unit Membership Form Every month when dues are collected

Field Service State Board Member Request Form Anytime

Founders’ Award Form (Georgia PTA) Anytime

Funds Verification Form Any Time Funds Are Collected

Hearst Family-School Partnership Award Second Friday in March

Honorary Georgia PTA Lifetime Achievement Award Anytime

Honorary National PTA Lifetime Achievement Form Anytime

Incoming Officers May 1

Incorporation Request Form Anytime/Renewal  every   fall

Individual Member Data Form (English) Anytime

Individual Member Data Form (Spanish) Anytime

IRS 990 Filing Confirmation Form Within 10 days of filing IRS 990

Membership & Programs Checklist for Outstanding Local Units * Second  Friday in March

Membership Awards Form:  PDF   Online Last business day of August, September, October, November, February

Model PTA Info and Forms
(Includes  Model PTA Cover Sheet, Administrative  & Operational Living Documents)
Second  Friday in March

Motion Blank Anytime

Oak Tree Award Form Last business day in October

Officers and Committee Chair Change Anytime

Outstanding Local Unit Form and Instructions Second  Friday in March

Outstanding Principal Nomination Form Second  Friday in March

Outstanding School Nurse Nomination Form Second  Friday in March

PTA Audit Financial Form Last business day in September

Reports Transmittal Master Cover Second Friday in March

Resolution Cover Sheet First business Friday in January

Treasurer’s Checklist Year Beginning/Year End

Visionary Form Second Friday in March