Georgia PTA has partnered with three national Family Engagement  programs to engage fathers and father figures. We encourage every local PTA unit to have a Family Engagement Committee/Chair and to utilize at least one, if not more of these programs to increase membership and capacity of the local unit.


Key Strategies for Male Engagement
  • Identify Strong Leadership, especially a “point” person who is willing to make a long-term commitment to the effort.
  • Educate Men about the Importance of their Involvement. Emphasize the positive benefits of men’s involvement in their students’ education and in PTA.
  • Meet with Leadership and Key Players. Find a shared issue to address.
  • Establish a Plan of Action. Look for models in PTA MORE or other organizations. Get men involved in concrete projects.
  • Meet with Local Administrators for Approval. Address any safety concerns and follow volunteer and visitation policies.
  • Develop a Leadership Team of Men and Women. Seek out male community leaders and role models. Ask men to join directly, rather than through flyers or posters.
  • Adapt Communication and Activities for Male Involvement. Don’t use generic materials! Keep messages succinct and to the point. Publicize men participating in activities to avoid the appearance of a “token” presence.
  • Keep Up the Momentum.
    • Keep school staff and PTA leadership involved and informed.
    • Hold regular events and follow up.
    • Celebrate successes and continue to evaluate progress.
    • Reinforce male engagement with regular quarterly and biannual programs.
    • Arrange for individual men to do one-day school visits.
Main Resources
  •  Strong Fathers Strong Families - Great resources and information for Dads, and for schools and Head Starts, on connecting Fathers, math (game instructions and homework help sites), encourage reading every day, and fun science projects.
  • Watch D.O.G.S - Information on the program, how to get started, presentation and events, school surveys, and even a Dogstore.
  • All Pro Dad - All Pro Dad is one of the programs offered through Family First, a non-profit organization on a mission to provide advice on parenting, marriage, and relational truth.
Additional Resources
  • The Black Star Project’s Million Father March asks fathers to take kids to school on the first day as the beginning of a year-long commitment to supporting children’s education.  Offers great programs (including Black Star Community PTA), national initiatives, and resources.
  • The National Compadres Network facilitates involvement of Hispanic and Latino fathers and men.
  • The National Fatherhood Initiative offers organizational plans and materials for fatherhood programs, research-based insights and parenting tips for fathers and families.