PTA Convention

Georgia PTA Convention Image of Stage with Projector

The 106th Georgia PTA Virtual Annual Convention will be held on November 14, 2020. This convention will allow delegates to convene and conduct official business such as consideration of amendments to Bylaws, celebrate your hard work with award announcements and other business that may properly come before the virtual assembly.

Each local unit in good standing is entitled to be represented at Convention of the Georgia PTA by its president and (1) one other officer, or their alternates, and (1) one delegate for every (50) fifty paid members recorded in the state database March 10th of each year. Membership for 2019-20 will be confirmed.

Who Should Attend Convention 2020?​

Convention is an investment in the future leadership and success of your PTA. We recognize that time and money are scarce, but we must invest in ourselves to develop our potential in order for PTA to ensure a better future for all children.

  1. Your 2019-20 board members.
  2. Your 2020-2021 board members.
  3. Principals, Teachers and School Board members.
  4. Any members who have demonstrated that spark of leadership potential!
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