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Dear PTA Leaders and Members,

As May arrives and the weather becomes more promising, I hope, so too, will our future in Georgia. While we are still dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic, the Governor has lifted some constraints regarding business operations, easing the state slowly back into operation. Our PTAs still cannot gather in groups larger than 10, so the provision to allow local units and councils to conduct their business electronically remains in effect until June 12. That means you still have time to call a general membership meeting, report on your financials, select an auditor and conduct elections for next year’s officers, if your local unit wishes to do so, as long as your PTA is incorporated with the state.

We are not the only state making this accommodation. In a call with National President, Leslie Boggs, and all the State Presidents, it is clear the majority are allowing some form of electronic meeting. National PTA is developing some additional guidelines to help you conduct your business this new way and will hopefully be publishing them soon. In the meantime, refer to our guidelines provided in the Information on Holding Meetings and Conducting Business (including elections) during COVID-19 document and our Electronic Meeting FAQs document (also shown below) to help guide you. Your District Directors can also answer your questions.

New this week is an additional resource to help answer more of your questions. State Treasurer Amanda Weber and the Finance Team provide answers to some of the most common financial questions in the Financial FAQ found below. We realize as you move forward to wrap up your year and transition to next year, more questions will come to mind and we are here to serve you. Your Council and District Leaders are your primary resource and we work with them to create and provide the additional resources you need.

I sincerely hope you and your families are staying safe and healthy. As we close out this school year, let us all look forward to warmer weather, sunnier days and healthier times.

Thank you for all you do!

Karen Hallacy
President, Georgia PTA
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2020 COVID-19 Financial FAQ

We know many of you have questions about your PTA's finances with regards to end of year,
transition, budget amendments, donations, audits, and more. As a supplement to the
information in the Leadership Resource Guide, the Georgia PTA Finance Team has created this
FAQ to help assist you. In addition to this information, please continue to reach out to Council
and District leaders for guidance. Need the contact information for your Council and District
leadership? Email us with your local unit information and we can connect you with your
leaders. Georgia PTA leaders will continue to collaborate with them to help you through this
challenging time.
This is new ground for all of us, so if we keep our mission in mind and work as a team, we will
get through this stronger on the other side.

2020 COVID-19 Financial FAQ

How are we collecting signatures when we can't leave our homes except for necessary items?

For non-check items requiring signatures you can scan or print to pdf documents that need to
be signed, have the other party print, sign, scan, and return. For checks requiring two
signatures, you need to physically deliver these for final signatures.

Example: You have a check request that needs the President’s approval. Scan the form and
email to the Treasure and President. Have the form approved/signed by President, then email it
to the Treasurer for processing. Once the check is completely filled out and signed by Treasurer,
it is physically delivered/mailed to the President for second signature. We suggest that the
Treasurer include a stamped envelope already completed with recipient’s address, so once
signed it can be mailed.

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