1. Talking on mobile phones is strictly prohibited during all Georgia PTA Convention sessions, meetings and workshops. Cell phones should always be in silent mode during sessions, meetings and workshops to avoid disruption.
  2. Attendees are strictly prohibited from using mobile phones and/or tablet cameras, and all other audio and/or video recording devices during Georgia PTA meeting sessions.  Recording and live streaming with any devices during Georgia PTA sessions, meetings and workshops without prior written consent from Georgia PTA is strictly prohibited. Video cameras and recording equipment, other than that approved by the president, shall not be permitted in the general meetings.
  3. Attendees may not take videos of speakers presenting. Attendees not adhering to this policy may be asked to leave the room and will be asked to delete all videos already taken; repeat offenders will be asked to leave the conference and no refunds will be granted. When you register, you are required to agree that you acknowledge and will adhere to this policy. Personal photography is permitted.
  4. To verify pre-registered and onsite participants and provide a measure of security, a government or school-issued photo ID must be presented to collect registration materials. Individuals are not permitted to pick up badges for other attendees, except for a parent or legal guardian picking up a badge for a child under the age of 13 who may not have a photo ID. In this case, the child must be present. In all other cases, access to the event may be denied if an approved form of identification cannot be produced. In addition to photo ID, you may also be asked to show your PTA membership card during the registration process.
  5. All registrations must be completed and meal tickets picked up during registration No refunds will be given. No voting cards will be issued after the close of registration on Saturday.
  6. All convention events shall be tobacco free, per OCGA 31-12A-4-Smoking prohibited in enclosed public places.
  7. Harassment and other misconduct will not be tolerated. Georgia PTA reserves the right to prohibit entry or remove any individual whether registered or not who in Georgia PTA’s sole opinion are not, or whose conduct is not, in keeping with the character and purpose of the event.
  8. Convention Badges shall be required for admission to all convention The badge and voting card will be used as identification for voting and, if lost, will not be replaced.
  9. No alternate shall serve as a delegate until registered as a delegate with the credentials committee and having obtained a delegate's credential.
  10. Delegates shall be seated before the opening of each General Doors will be kept closed during discussion and voting of all action items, and no one will be permitted to enter or exit except as directed by the presiding officer.
  11. General Sessions shall begin and close promptly at the hour announced.
  12. A delegate must show his/her voting card before being granted the privilege of making motions, debating or voting.
  13. A delegate wishing to speak from the floor must go to the designated microphone, present his/her voting card and wait for recognition by the presiding officer before When recognized, delegates will give their name and the PTA of which they are a member.
  14. No delegate may speak more than two (2) minutes from the floor or more than twice on the same subject without consent of the convention body.
  15. Each motion shall be written, signed by the mover, giving the name of the PTA represented, and delivered by a page to the State Parliamentarian.
  16. An emergency resolution may be brought to the floor of the convention by two-thirds vote of the delegates, provided a copy of the resolution has been previously submitted to the Legislation Committee and permission has been granted by that committee for the presentation of the resolution to the convention The presenter must provide copies of the resolution for each delegate.
  17. Messages and communications shall be carried by the pages to the State Parliamentarian.
  18. All announcements and materials distributed at the convention shall be subject to the prior approval of the president.
  19. No campaign materials may be distributed at convention prior to the conclusion of the first general session.
  20. No campaign materials will be permitted in the voting or registration area as designated by the Election Committee.
  21. When there are nominations from the floor for an elected position, each of the candidates shall be allowed two (2) minutes to address the delegate body. These addresses shall occur at a general session.
  22. No campaign materials shall be allowed in any non-campaign area as designated by the Election Committee.
  23. No individual shall distribute campaign materials in any non-campaign area as designated by the Election Committee.
  24. Voting hours will be on Friday, June 7, 2019 from 12p.m. until 4p.m. and on Saturday, June 8, 2019 from 7:30a.m. until 11:00a.m.

Delegates will approve Convention Rules during General Session I.

Convention rules may be amended or suspended by a two-thirds vote of the assembly.