Voting and Election Information

Voting Delegate Credentials Process for Convention

Each year local PTAs and councils have a chance to send representatives to cast their vote at convention. Items that will be voted on this year include amendments to the Georgia PTA Bylaws, and the election of the 2019-2021 Georgia PTA Board of Directors.

All PTA members are eligible to be credentialed to vote in the business portions of the Annual Georgia PTA Convention.  The Georgia PTA Bylaws state:

See chart to below determine how many voting delegates to which your local unit is entitled.

When registering, please keep in mind the number of delegates your local unit PTA has.  If you are unsure, please view the attached document  which lists each local unit and how many delegates are allowed.  Your PTA may and is encouraged to send additional attendees to Convention above the number of voting delegates your unit is entitled. Even though they will not be eligible to vote, the convention is a valuable experience for all PTA members and they will still receive training and workshop experiences.  If your local unit or county council submits registration forms with voting delegates that exceed the total number allowed, we will contact the President of your unit to make the appropriate corrections. If you have any questions, please contact the office by emailing

Upon presentation of your membership card at the registration desk at Convention, each voting delegate shall receive their voting delegate card, which is the card that signifies their voting status during this convention. Delegates have the opportunity to vote on decisions that affect Georgia PTA and local PTAs, including their leadership and organizational structure. It is very important to ensure that every local unit is represented at convention.

Business of the Member Delegation

Per the  Georgia PTA Bylaws, Article 12, these bylaws may be amended by a two-thirds vote at the Georgia PTA convention, provided the amendments have been approved by the Georgia PTA board of directors. Click here for the proposed amendments that will be open to the delegation for debate and vote.

Election of Officers to the 2019-2021 Georgia PTA Board of Directors

The Georgia PTA Committee on Nomination of Officers is proud to announce the following slated nominees for election for the 2019-2021 Georgia PTA Executive Board.

Dawn Stastny- President-Elect
Shanda Ross - 1st Vice President
Sondra Parham - 2nd Vice President
Diane Jacobi - Secretary
Amanda Weber - Treasurer

Candidate information for the officer representatives to the Georgia PTA Board of Directors:

Dawn Stastny - President Elect

I am honored to be nominated for the office of President-Elect. This position requires many things, but two of the most important are teamwork and leadership. Real leaders create leaders who create leaders. My career provides relevant parallels to my PTA work in both financial and HR management skills.

Leadership matters. It would be my honor to represent you; to serve the association we all love by being willing to ask tough questions and make difficult decisions to move Georgia PTA forward.

My twenty-one years of experience in PTA at the local, district and state levels has prepared me for this role. I sincerely hope your PTA journey is filled with as much joy and personal growth as mine has been. I believe in the powerful voice of PTA, and by working and standing together, we can build even more for this wonderful association. I respectfully ask for not only your vote, but your trust and support as we take Georgia PTA forward.

Candidate Resume

Shanda Ross - First Vice President

It would be a privilege to continue my service to this association as your Georgia PTA First Vice President. In more than 25 years as a PTA volunteer, I have served in many capacities, but none more rewarding than the two years I have spent as your Georgia PTA Second Vice President. Talking to leaders around the state and learning the needs and issues that are on the minds of PTAs has prepared me to be part of our next steps forward as an association. I also bring professional experience in organizational leadership, servant leadership, nonprofit fund development, and grant writing to my board service. I am committed to responsible governance for  Georgia PTA to build a relevant and supportive state organization for all members, leaders, and ultimately, for our children. I am excited for the future of this association and for the work that is to come – we can do amazing things together!

Candidate Resume

Sondra Parham - Second Vice President

Sondra Parham is the State Membership Chair for Georgia PTA and a volunteer for Fulton County Schools.  Before becoming the State Membership Chair, Sondra spent seven years as a full-time volunteer at Feldwood Elementary School, serving in multiple capacities: classroom parent, LSAC board member, School Governance Council parliamentarian, Chair and Outreach Committee Chair along with other volunteer duties.  During her two terms as PTA President, Sondra worked to establish school relations with local HOAs, senior citizens and community-based groups.  She also facilitated bringing in programs from local law enforcement to help foster an environment of respect between students and the police.  Over the past two years, Sondra has been traveling throughout the state of Georgia coaching local units and districts on how to retain members, engage members, increase their membership and include non-traditional PTA members.  Her dedication to learning about the concerns and needs of local units has been leveraged to make Georgia PTA more relevant to all members.  Sondra’s innate ability to face challenges head on helped her to stem the flow of declining membership. This led Georgia PTA from last place to a top contender for National PTA Membership Olympic Gold in 2019.   She’s always ready to lend a helping hand, never one
to meet a stranger and is focused on creative solutions for expanding the footprint of Georgia PTA across all 159 counties in Georgia so that every child truly has one voice.  Having traveled to metro and rural communities, large and small school districts
and talked to diverse
communities with individual needs, Sondra is uniquely equipped to help lead Georgia PTA meet the needs of every PTA.

Candidate Resume

Diane Jacobi - Secretary

For over a decade, Diane has worked developing and cultivating partnerships between her
community and its schools, researching and reporting on education policies and data, and
advocating for public education at local, state, and national levels.  Most of this work was
done as a PTA officer. Her experience in community leadership, education policy,
governance, training, and research makes her an ideal candidate for Georgia PTA Secretary.
Candidate Resume
Amanda Weber - Treasurer

I have had held various officer positions including district officer positions including Director, Council officer positions including President, LU officer positions including President, and chair positions including Reflections Chair, Council and LU and Exceptional Children's Committee Chair. I volunteer as Room Representative, current and past, with each of my four children and am actively involved with children’s organizations like the Optimist Club. Due to this experience I have insight on the function of the PTA and its tremendous value to our schools and children. My experience plus my professional, transparent, fair, and open door approach will serve me in the Treasurer role. GA PTA is evolving to the needs of its members and the children and I hope to continue to be part of this amazing organization.

Candidate Resume

Campaign Regulations

Campaign regulations are found in the Georgia PTA Policy and Procedures Manual section Appendix D.