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Recently, a local PTSA treasurer received a suspicious email requesting funds to be transferred via wire. The email was sent to the treasurer and utilized what appeared to be the co-president’s email address. Luckily the treasurer contacted the co-president directly before any funds were transferred. This activity is most commonly referred to as phishing. In the fraudulent email, there may be links to spoof websites or even spoof email address that imitate a reputable company’s website. The emails will often state that there is an urgent need for you to update your information immediately or a need to communicate with you for your own safety or security. Once obtained, your personal information can be used to steal money or transfer stolen money into another account. The fraudsters will often find your information from local websites to help authenticate their request for information.
Use caution if you receive an email expressing an urgent need for you to update your information, activate your online banking account, transfer money or verify your identity by clicking on a link. These emails may be part of a phishing scam conducted to capture your confidential account information and commit fraud. Never open attachments, click links, or respond to emails from suspicious or unknown senders.
Reminder: Checks written by PTAs require two signatures, automatic debits from the checking account, including wire transfers, are not permissible means of payment, any request to do so is a huge red flag!
Lisa-Marie Haygood
Georgia PTA
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Nicole J. Ponziani, CFE
Fraud & Conflict Resolution Specialist
Georgia PTA
every child. one voice.