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This message is being sent on behalf of Becky Lawhon, District 4 Director:
To my PTA Family throughout Georgia (including PTA leaders, teachers, administrators and school districts): I would like to introduce myself to you all. My name is Becky Lawhon, and I humbly serve as the District 4 Director. As we go about our daily lives of advocating on behalf of every child in this state, we must always be mindful of what the “T” in “PTA” stands for: “Teacher.” Our teachers play such an integral role in the lives of every child. I want to share some news that relates to one of Georgia’s teachers that is so good that I just cannot keep it to myself. The largest area in District 4 consists of schools in Muscogee County, and one of those schools is Double Churches Elementary School.
This year, the preeminent teacher recognition award known as the Milken Educator Award, also hailed by Teacher magazine as the “Oscars of Teaching,” was presented to only 35 educators nationwide. Among the 35 educators bestowed with this honor this year, there was only one recipient for Georgia. His name is Eric Crouch, a phenomenal fifth grade “technology superstar.” Where does he teach? Double Churches Elementary School in none other than Columbus, Georgia. First Lady Sandra Deal, Georgia State School Superintendent Richard Woods and Muscogee County School District Superintendent Dr. David F. Lewis participated in the dramatic build-up to the announcement of this exciting news. As winner of this prestigious award, Eric also received $25,000. When Superintendent Wood commented about Eric, he said that he “goes above and beyond in the classroom, creating a safe, fun, challenging, and imaginative space for learning.” Suffice it to say, this special Teacher has certainly made Georgia proud! We are in fact extremely appreciative to all of our Teachers that truly make a noteworthy difference in the lives of every child, every day. That “T” in “PTA” means so much too so many.
Becky Lawhon
2015-17 District 4 Director
Georgia PTA
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