Georgia PTA - Every Child One Voice
As the Georgia PTA President, I serve as the official spokesperson of the 2015-17 Georgia PTA Board of Directors (“Board“). Georgia PTA has a long history of keeping the communication lines transparently open with its volunteer leaders in our local units, councils and districts around the state. One of the recent developments within our Association occurred on January 28, 2017. The Georgia PTA President, Lisa-Marie Haygood, was removed from the Board properly and in accordance with the Association’s bylaws and policies. In an effort to ensure that this announcement is fair and balanced, it is necessary that I also state that this action was made only after the Board was left with no choice. We are wishing our former President Haygood much happiness and success in her future endeavors. Given the fact that this was a matter highly sensitive and confidential in nature, our Board was taken aback and deeply saddened to see the inaccurate diffusion of information that was initiated within hours of the adjournment of our January 28 closed meeting. Specifically, with regard to the allegations of financial improprieties directed against the 2013-15 administration that have just now surfaced, it is vital to note that audits were performed by an independent third party for the 2013-15 administration, and the same company was used for the 2015-17 term. Noteworthy too is the fact that these audits came back “clean” and free of any financial irregularities. In addition, at the annual state conventions, the general membership was presented with these audits, and they have all been approved by the delegates. As a result of the false allegations and fabrication of truth that some have elected to disseminate by means of social media, blogs and the imprecise initiation of one-sided reports to the media, Georgia PTA has elected to produce a formal press release, which will be distributed soon.
Although the tasks and responsibilities associated with child advocacy efforts are multitudinous in nature, the collective bodies of individuals representing Georgia PTA boards in past years have all remained laser focused on this vital work. It is without doubt that the Board worked tirelessly in its fight to defeat the Opportunity School District (Constitutional Amendment No. 1), creating resourceful tools; ideas; spending countless hours away from their families and working late into the night on many occasions. I have been humbled and privileged to serve on the 2013-15 and 2015-17 Boards. The outstanding accomplishments and national awards earned by both of these administrations have never ceased to amaze me. Please know that we remain steadfast in our resolve to be as dedicated as we have always been in making sure that we continue to be the strongest voice in Georgia for “every child.
Tyler Barr
President, Georgia PTA
(470) 985-0299