Georgia PTA's First Ever Statewide Hispanic and Latino PTA
Dear PTA Members and Parents,
My name is Mercedes Cerrato, and it is my pleasure and an honor to serve as the President for the new Hispanic/Latino Statewide Community PTA. As the Hispanic/Latino population continues to grow in the United States, it is imperative that we welcome the growing demographic where enrichment begins in the school setting. In today’s times, we ask that our Hispanic and Latino families “Come Join our Journey.” The Hispanic/Latino PTA will bridge the gap between parents and their children’s school.
Our PTA believes that it is very important to advocate for all children. This Statewide Community PTA is committed to expanding the road of opportunity, for all Hispanic/Latino families to become engaged advocates for their children. The objective of this roadway is to create an avenue for student success and achievement.
Our goals and objectives will be attained through the implementation of four strategic initiatives:
  1. Advocacy,
  2. Family Engagement,
  3. Diversity, and
  4. Membership
Execution of these initiatives will ensure that every child receives the proper support needed to succeed in the country where dreams are made of. We will equip Hispanic/Latino parents with the resources and tools needed to navigate through the school system.
The Hispanic/Latino Statewide Community PTA would like to thank Georgia PTA President, Rita Erves for her vision for this chapter. We also extend gratitude to our National PTA President, Otha E. Thornton, Jr., for support of this PTA. With all that being said, we welcome everyone to join our journey to make every child’s potential a reality.
Mercedes Cerrato
President, Hispanic/Latino Statewide Community PTA