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Exciting National PTA Award Announcement from the
Georgia PTA President , Tyler Barr
This message is being sent on behalf of the 2015-17 Georgia PTA Board of Directors, Tynettia Elrod, Legislative Chair and the Legislative Committee
I am thrilled to announce that out of all of the state PTA congresses throughout the nation and around the world, Georgia PTA has been named the recipient of the 2017 National PTA Outstanding State Advocacy Award. The highly-coveted award will be presented to Georgia PTA at the 2017 National PTA Legislative Conference on March 8, 2017 in Washington, D.C.
Annually, National PTA presents an award to one State PTA that through their dedication, leadership and efforts positively affected legislative and/or regulatory policy aligned with National PTA’s public policy agenda. In spite of the odds of defeating the Constitutional Amendment No. 1 (Opportunity School District). The collective body of the Georgia PTA Board of Directors worked diligently to galvanize the entire state to come together and use our strong voice to do what was right and just for the children of Georgia. As result of our tireless efforts and laser-focused mindset, we were able to deliver a victory to Georgia’s children!
Our two highly unique, statewide community PTAs (Higher Education PTSA and the Hispanic/Latino Statewide Community PTA) were both very instrumental in adding even more strength to our message. The Higher Education PTSA (a college community PTA comprised primarily of college students from around the state) and the Hispanic/Latino PTA were driving forces behind the OSD battle. The President of the Higher Education PTSA spoke at Georgia PTA’s Advocacy Day press conference. The highlight for this PTSA was the creation of OSD videos (in Spanish and English), which provided the people around the state the opportunity to hear straight from the mouths of the students themselves. The Hispanic/Latino Statewide Community PTA leaders assisted the Keep Georgia Schools Local Coalition with translating a digital ad campaign into Spanish; participated in an OSD radio interview on Radio Informacion (metro Atlanta’s Spanish-language talk radio) with Jose Perez, Program Director and On-Air Analyst and House of Representatives member, Pedro “Pete” Marin.
I am very proud of what we as a state have accomplished, as well as the Legislative Chair, Tynettia Elrod’s assistance in leading the charge with this important advocacy issue. Tynettia took on the task of successfully telling our story through a tedious application process, and the Georgia PTA Board of Directors are all grateful to her for doing so. I am sure that all of the PTA leaders from around the state will join your voices in expressing gratitude to everyone that played a role in our state being named the 2017 Outstanding State Advocacy award winner. Advocacy is one of Georgia PTA’s seven (7) Strategic Initiatives and the very foundation of our mission and purpose.
Tyler Barr, President, Georgia PTA
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