Need More Membership Cards?
To receive additional membership cards, your local unit PTA must submit dues for at least 90% of the number of cards received to date along with the Additional Membership Cards Order Form.
“NEW” PTA Membership Card for 2016-2017
The “NEW”  PTA Membership Card will:
  • Be  printed on upgraded paper stock which will allow handwriting and ease of  printing with most basic home printers;
  • Be  produced as ten (10) cards per 8.5 x 11 sheet;
  • Include  fields for member name, local PTA unit name, membership year, and local unit ID  number;
  • Include  both the National PTA Logo and the State PTA Logo;
  • Include  multiple colors and graphics enhancing PTA’s visual image;
  • Include  a ‘carrier’ that messages the benefits of membership and explains the  activation process;
  • Remind  members they are a member of their local unit, State PTA and National PTA;