Our children and youth are exposed daily to media messages from television, movies, music and the Internet. Parents play a critical role in monitoring viewing, and helping children interpret and understand these images and messages.
Internet and cell phone messaging systems are fast replacing telephones as the preferred mode of communication and commerce. Unfortunately, with this change come increased dangers from cyber bullies, predators, cyber theft, and other criminals. The most vulnerable to these dangers are children.
PTA offers several Parent Guides for TV and Video Safety and Internet Safety.  Topics include:
  • Watching Movies with Your Children
  • Proper TV Viewing Habits for Children
  • Exergames: Fitness through Video Games
  • Video Game Safety Strategies
  • Reducing Kids’ Screen Time
  • Safety for Adolescents’ Online Social Networking
  • Cell Phone Safety Tips
  • Parent Strategy for Internet Safety
  • Internet Safety Checklist for Parents
Parents Can Now Easily Monitor Their Child’s Social Network and Mobile Phone Activity
We are pleased to announce Identity Theft 911 as our newest Member Benefits Provider.  Identity Theft 911 has developed a new intelligence tool for parents called SocialScout, which offers a quick and easy way for parents to analyze children’s social networking and mobile phone activity while safeguarding their privacy and reputation on sites such as Facebook, Twitter and MySpace.
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