PTA Family Engagement Definition
Georgia PTA  believes family engagement is a shared responsibility in which schools and  other community agencies and organizations are committed to reaching out to  engage families in meaningful ways and in which families are committed to  actively supporting their children’s learning and development.  Family engagement is continuous across a  child’s life and entails enduring commitment but changing parent roles as  children mature into young adulthood.  Effective  family engagement cuts across and reinforces learning in the multiple settings  where children learn at home, in pre-kindergarten programs, in school, in after  school programs, in faith-based institutions and in the community.
State BOE Unanimously Approves First Statewide Parent Engagement Resolution!
Wednesday, November 10, 2010 was an historical day for Georgia. At the State Board of  Education Meeting in Atlanta,  board members voted unanimously to adopt the “Parent Engagement  Resolution”, the first of its kind in our great state.  This resolution and statement on parent  engagement urges all local school officials to use them (resolution and  statement) as a guide in developing local school and district plans and  policies.
Several members of the Superintendent’s Parent Advisory Council, and members of the  Georgia PTA Family Engagement and Legislative Committees were in attendance. Immediate Past President Donna  Kosicki spoke in support of the Parent Engagement Resolution, citing “The  National Standards for Family-School Partnerships are identified by states,  around this country, as the qualitative assessment data that schools, parents  and community need to include, along with quantitative date, when determining  the programs, projects and events that drive measurable priorities for increasing  student achievement to be used in the classroom and in the local school  community.”
State Chair  Wanda Barrs declared, “This is really a beginning…of a real focus on the  partnership (between school and home).   Two important questions parents and teachers should ask each other is  ‘How can I help you help my child be successful?’ and ‘How can I help you to  help your child be successful?'”
Together   we, school — parents — community, can work together to better understand the  value and benefits of and the connection to effective engagement and academic  achievement for all children.
To watch  the web cast of the State Board of Education Meeting, go to  To watch the approval of the Parent  Engagement, move the time (at the bottom of the screen) to 1:00 (one hour into  the SBOE meeting).  This entire portion  is approximately 27 minutes long.
To learn more about training and strategies  for effective engagement in the classroom and in the local school community,  contact Kym Evans, Family Engagement Chair, at
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Family Engagement Resources
  • Georgia PTA  Family Engagement Resource Guide
    A user’s guide  to the Georgia PTA resources listed below.  Offers explanations, implementation ideas, and  background information to help you use these tools to enhance your diversity  efforts.
National PTA  Standards for Family School Partnerships PTA’s process  for building successful partnerships starts with the National Standards for  Family-School Partnerships and consists of six steps:
For  a more detailed explanation of the six standards click here.