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Welcome to the Georgia PTA Health & Wellness site! Here you will find information, resources, and links to many areas of importance to help promote a healthy environment in your school or district. We want all students in Georgia to have a safe, encouraging, supportive, and healthy environment at school so they can be happy, strong, and academically successful.
Please see the topics listed on the left. Click on the area(s) to learn more about a specific topic. Can’t find what you are looking for? Let us know!
Breakfast in the Classroom: on-going
Do you want to increase breakfast consumption among schoolchildren and spark the academic and nutritional gains associated with the morning meal through the implementation of Breakfast in the Classroom? Apply today for the Partners for Breakfast in the Classroom grant. The grant is targeted to help high-need school districts and/or schools cover the up-front costs often associated with the start-up and implementation of Breakfast in the Classroom and Grab n’ Go programs, such as to purchase equipment, for outreach efforts to parents, program promotion, and other related expenses. Click here for more info.
2016 Governer’s Shape Honor Roll
It’s time to apply for the 2016 Governor’s Shape Honor Roll
This award recognizes elementary, middle, and high schools for their dedication to creating a healthy school environment and a culture of wellness for staff, students, and community. Georgia’s K-12 public schools are invited to submit an application to be recognized by the Governor’s Office, the Georgia Department of Education, and the Georgia Department of Public Health for their exceptional participation in the annual fitness assessment data collection process as well as their commitment to efforts that improve student wellness. All applicants who meet the requirements of recognition and submit proper documentation will be rewarded for their outstanding efforts.
Ready to apply? The 2016 Governor’s Shape Honor Roll Application is now available! 2016 Honor Roll Application
Questions? Contact Bradley Chester at Georgia Shape via email: Bradley.Chester@dph.ga.gov
Farm to School Month: October
October is Farm to School Month and schools across Georgia are celebrating all things carrots! Rooting for Carrots is a state-wide celebration to get kids eating, growing and participating in carrot-themed activities. To participate in Rooting for Carrots at your school, go to www.georgiaorganics.org/for-schools/rooting-for-carrots to sign-up and you will receive free electronic resources to help you plan and implement your activities. Resources include standards-based lesson plans, recipes, a step-by-step guide on conducting a carrot taste test, activities, videos, school garden planting and harvesting information, and more!
The first 400 people to sign-up will get a free packet of carrot seeds and a Georgia Planting and Harvest Calendar for school gardens. Share your Rooting for Carrots pictures on social media with #RootingforCarrots and win a prize for posting the most photos! Questions? Visit www.georgiaorganics.org/for-schools/rooting-for-carrots or email emilycd@georgiaorganics.org.
National PTA Healthy Lifestyles
The Healthy Lifestyles program provides family-centered education and tools that connect them with schools and advocate for healthy changes in nutrition and physical activity. Click here for great resources and ideas for your school or district.
Smart Snacks
What are Smart Snacks? Foods and beverages that are sold to students during the school day (defined as midnight before the school day to 30 minutes after the end of the school day). Only foods sold during this time frame and on the school campus must meet the Smart Snacks guidelines. Foods and beverages that are given away do not have to meet these guidelines because they are not being sold. Also, foods sold outside of the defined school day or on weekends, such as at evening football games, do not have to comply with the Smart Snacks guidelines. We have lots of info! Please click here.
Healthy Fundraising Ideas
Do you need some fresh, creative ideas for fundraisers at your school? Click here for information on some great ideas from Georgia schools that have been very successful. In addition, we have a list of resources and more fun ideas.
Healthy Concessions at Your School
Tired of the hot dogs and pizza? Want to add a few new items that provide good nutrition for your student and parents at games? We can help you put together a plan for ideas for your concession stand. Contact JoAnne Hammermaster at jhammermaster@georgiapta.org for more info. Click here for a successful plan from Burke County Schools and their concessions.
Safe Routes to School
The Safe Routes to School (SRTS) program empowers communities to make walking and bicycling to school a safe and routine activity once again. Georgia’s SRTS Resource Center assists schools and communities with education, encouragement, enforcement, evaluation, planning and other non-construction related SRTS activities.
Start now to get your school moving. Plan to participate in the International Walk to School Day in October or the Georgia Walk or Bike to School Day in the spring. Click here for more info.
Tobacco-Free School Policy Information
Does your school or district have an effective Tobacco-free policy; one that includes e-cigarettes? Get all the resources you need to implement a smart policy: http://dph.georgia.gov/schools
Mental Health
Please visit the Georgia Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities for information at: http://dbhdd.georgia.gov/. You can also visit their main site for helpful resources at: http://dph.georgia.gov/
Drug Abuse and Prevention
Do you need information regarding teen drinking and drug usage for your school? Contact Brittany Newton at Voices 4 Prevention at 404-747-2401 or info@v4pga.org.
Wellness Policy
Want to help create a healthy, fun school environment? You can make a difference at your school. Do you have a Wellness Committee? What does your wellness policy say? Ask if you can be on the team! There are many things you can do to kick off the school year. Talk to PTA members. Ask other parents around you if they would like to help. Speak to the principal to get his or her views on the vision of a healthy school. Don’t get overwhelmed! We can help. Contact JoAnne Hammermaster, Health & Wellness Chair for the Georgia PTA at jhammermaster@georgiapta.org for more information.
Join the Team!
Do you have great ideas? Have you done something that is working very well at your school? Let us know about it? Do you have any questions? Contact JoAnne Hammermaster, Health & Wellness Chair at jhammermaster@georgiapta.org or at 703-581-3085.
Would you like to be a part of shaping the health environment in Georgia schools? Do you have time during the day? Do evenings work better? Behind the scenes? Find out more by contacting us at: jhammermaster@georgiapta.org.