This toolkit is designed to help child advocates learn the facts about college and career-readiness and speak up to ensure that every child’s potential becomes a reality! It contains everything you need to provide a brief presentation to parents on this important topic. Use this resource for your PTA meetings, trainings, and events to promote a higher understanding of the way high standards, quality assessments, ESSA and advocacy can make a difference for all children.

After you decide when and where to give this brief presentation, follow the three easy steps below

Step 1: Preview this tool kit a few days before your event to become familiar with the script. If you intend to show the optional video, ensure that you will have internet connection, a projector or laptop, and speakers. Download the script.

Step 2: Print a few copies of the CCR Member Education Event Sign in Sheet and enough Handouts for each attendee. There are several options – print the ones you’d like to share.

Step 3: Present at your meeting. Read the script provided to your attendees and show the video if possible (optional). Following the video, hold a brief discussion regarding the content of the videos and information that you discussed. Click here to see the video.

If there are questions that you are unable to answer or if you need further information about this education issue training, members of the Georgia PTA College and Career Readiness Initiative (CCRI) Team would be happy to assist you.  Feel free to contact CCRI Team at

Once you’ve completed the training - Download the Training Report Form, fill out and send to the team lead, Tynettia Elrod,  Completed training report forms are eligible for a $25 donation to the local unit PTA and entry into the drawing for a free Convention and Leadership Training (CLT) Registration with 1 night hotel stay included.

College and career-ready high school graduates must have the necessary skills, knowledge and abilities to succeed in life. Parents, families, educators, employers, and policy makers now focus on these skills and knowledge to ensure students receive academic preparation, skills training, life planning, social support and resources.