Zoo Atlanta Educators and PTA Members Appreciation Day

Georgia PTA is pleased to announce to its membership that this year’s Zoo Atlanta Educator Appreciation Day is set for Saturday, September 6, 2014.

Georgia PTA has enjoyed a long standing partnership with our friends at Zoo Atlanta. This relationship has resulted in awesome benefits for all card-carrying PTA members. Georgia PTA would like to take this opportunity to formally express our sincere THANKS for all of the educators across the state [teachers, school and school district administrators [including our superintendents] that have already joined their local PTA/PTSAs for this new school year. If you have not yet joined for the 2014-15 year, we encourage you to do so. In addition to free admission for one PTA member per household each year on Educator’s day, families can also receive $10.00 off Zoo memberships, or Rare Care animal sponsorships as well.

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2013-15 Theme Posters Now Available!

For the next two years, Georgia PTA has embraced the theme “We are Today’s  Georgia PTA – Come Join the Journey.”  In keeping with the overall  theme, we also rolled out the 2013-15 membership theme: “Hop On Board  The Membership Express Bus.” The response to both themes has been overwhelmingly positive.
Many of you have expressed interest in being  able to print and display these posters in your school.  We have  listened to your requests and at this time are happy to provide you with  means of producing copies for your use in the field.  Attached you will  find files for both posters that are already in a format that print  shop of your choice will need.
Thanks for being on board with Georgia PTA’s vision for this two-year bus journey!

Hop on Board the Membership Express Bus

We are very optimistic about what the future will bring with regard to increase of membership during our journey together over the next two years. Our new membership theme is: Hop on Board the “Membership Express” Bus! The use of the words, “hop on board” and “membership express” denotes the need to speed up efforts. Georgia PTA experienced a significant decrease in membership during 2012-13. We recognize that we are facing a challenging uphill journey as we kick off the 2013-14 year. However, we have total faith in your efforts coupled with our powerhouse membership team. Together, we can make a difference. We are planning to go places with membership on this bus journey that we have never been before. We ask each local unit to get at least 13 more members in 2013:

 13 more in 2013

Driven by our new theme for 2013-15, we are proud to announce five (5) exciting membership awards :

Premiere Achievers Bus Pass

Achievers ClubAward presented to PTA reporting membership dues for more than 700 members and increased membership by 2% from the previous year by the last business day of April.



First Males on Board

WEAREPTAAward presented to PTA that proactively establishes a Male Involvement Committee to advocate for the importance of males being active and involved in the lives of children and submit contact information of at least 300 male members of their PTA by  December 31, 2013. Based on our 13 more in 2013 campaign, the local unit will receive $201.30.

Download the First Males on Board Form 



Family Pass

Family PassThis award is presented to local PTA reporting membership dues for the largest percent of immediate family units (each individual member of a family must join) by December 31, 2013.  Based on our 13 more in 2013 campaign, the local unit will receive $201.30.

Download the Family Pass Award Form 




Advocates on Board

Amazing AdvocatesAward presented to PTA reporting membership dues for the largest number of elected officials, school board members and superintendents that have joined PTA by the last business day in December.

Based on our 13 more in 2013 campaign, the local unit will receive $201.30.

Download the Advocates on Board Form  




Diversity on the Move

Award presented to PTA that hosts a diversity and inclusion event (for example an international/multicultural family event) at their respective school and reports the largest number of PTA members enrolled at event by the last business day in February.

Based on our 13 more in 2013 campaign, the local unit will receive $201.30.

Download Diversity on the Move Form