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Birney Butler PTA is a unique PTA chartered by Georgia PTA. Named after two founders of PTA, Alice McLellan Birney and Selena Sloan Butler, Birney Butler PTA expands the access of PTA membership to those who may have little or no contact with a local PTA. Everyone who cares about children and youth is invited to join!
It started with a few brave women who shared a vision of a world that was better for children. This history belongs to over 100 years of PTA leaders and volunteers throughout Georgia across two closely-linked congresses, who donated their time, energy, resources and passion to make things better for children.
Alice McLellan Birney
Co-Founder and First President, National Congress of Mothers, 1897-1902
Alice McLellan Birney, a Marietta native and one of National PTA ‘s founders, first spoke about her dream of a mothers’ congress committed to addressing the needs of children.  Two years later, the first meeting of National  PTA would draw over 2000 mothers, fathers, educators, government officials, clergy and other community members interested in improving the lives of children.  The movement quickly spread to other cities and states, including  Georgia  .  Today, Alice McLellan Birney’s dream is still alive, a dream called National PTA .
Selena Sloan Butler
Founder and First President, National Congress of Colored Parents and Teachers, 1926-1931
Selena Sloan Butler, a native of Thomasville, Georgia, presided over the organization of the first African-American PTA , Young Street Elementary School in Atlanta,  Additional African-American local units sprung up in schools across the city, leading to the founding of the National Congress of Colored Parents and Teachers (NCCPT) and co-founded the National Congress of Parents and Teachers, which is now a part of the National Parent Teacher Association ( PTA ).  Selena Sloan Butler centered her life’s work on improving the educational environments and upholding the rights of all children, regardless of their race or situation.
When you become a member of Birney Butler PTA, you become a member of the country’s largest volunteer child advocacy association and join over 300,000 statewide members who care about the education, health and well-being of children and youth.  Members meet once each year at the Georgia Convention Leadership Training. Each member receives a membership card, used to access member benefits and prove membership for voting privileges.  Please consider adding your voice to the voice of countless other PTA members throughout the state and nation.  Together, we make a bigger difference, just like the founders of PTA , Alice McLellan Birney and Selena Sloan Butler.