Georgia PTA Student Scholarships
Georgia PTA Scholarships assist students who have successfully completed high school and who are interested in furthering their education in a college, university or post-secondary institution. Georgia PTA Scholarships, the first of which was established in 1963, are funded solely through memberships, local unit PTA, Council contributions and other donations. The number of awards and amounts of each scholarship vary year-to-year depending on the donations.
This is a one-year, non-renewable grant.
A student is eligible to apply for a Georgia PTA Scholarship if he/she:
  1. Is a graduating senior of a Georgia high school with a PTA/PTSA.
  2. Parent/guardian is a current member of PTA/PTSA. The PTA/PTSA must be in good standing (i.e., dues paid, approved bylaws on file).
  3. Student AND parent/guardian must provide a copy of PTA/PTSA membership card with application.
  4. Will attend a college, university, post-secondary institution or trade/vocational school during the upcoming school year.
  5. Has exhibited good character.
  6. Has a satisfactory scholastic record. Grade point 2.5 or higher on a 4.0 scale.
  7. Has not received a full scholarship(s) and/or does not have a financial need.
  8. Is NOT related to a member of the Georgia PTA Board of Directors nor an appointed Specialist or Consultant.
Deadline: Postmarked on or before Monday, April 24, 2017 Mail to:
Georgia PTA Scholarship Committee
C/O Sophronia Qualls – Chair, Scholarship
114 Baker Street NE
Atlanta, Georgia 30308-3366
Local PTA Grants
Is your unit tired of conducting fundraisers and selling “stuff” to raise funds for your PTA projects and programs?  Do you want to reduce your PTA’s dependence on commercial fundraisers?   Have you considered applying for a grant – either directly from Georgia PTA or another organization, company or agency? Throughout the upcoming year, watch for announcements about current and new grant opportunities in the Evoice, PTA Voice and on this website. The availability and type of grant funding offered by Georgia PTA varies from year to year. Take advantage of other grant opportunities from National PTA, foundations, companies and other organizations to create funding for your PTA. Attend workshops at and review the resources available from the Foundation Center and Center for Non Profits in Atlanta.
Hint: When preparing grant applications, make sure you follow directions carefully and complete the requirements of the application. Submit all of the required attachments or enclosures with your application. Provide a budget that clearly specifies proposed uses of funds. It should also identify other sources of funds and in-kind donations or services provided to support your proposed project.
Georgia PTA Convention/Leadership Training (CLT) Grant
Up to $200 awarded to 1) units and councils in need and 2) newly chartered units to defray CLT expenses. Funded by donations and through Georgia PTA’s operating budget.
National PTA Mary Lou Anderson Reflections Arts Enhancement Grant Program
A limited number of matching grants of up to $1000 are awarded each year to local PTAs for student-centered programs focused on arts education. Special consideration is given to programs that reach large numbers of students, especially students who are at risk.  Learn more…